Google Ads For Plumbers – An Advertising Guide For Plumbing Businesses

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When Your Website Is Not On The First Page Of Google – It’s Hard To Get New Customer Leads

Did you know? There are 3 ways your website can appear on the first page.

Paid Listings

Appearance in the paid listings of the search results is based on a bidding system called Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). The order in which ads appear is determined by how much other plumbers are willing to spend per click when the keyword for which they are bidding on is searched. So, other than our monthly campaign management fees, there is no monthly fee for appearing on Google Ads. You only pay a fee when someone makes a telephone call from one of your Google Ads or someone clicks on one of your ads and visits your website.

Map Listings

The map listings are critical for your plumbing business and other local businesses because they display whenever Google considers local results to be the most relevant. When someone searches for ‘plumber+ your city,’ or ’emergency plumber + your city,’ Google recognises that they are looking for local plumbing businesses in the area and displays the plumbing related google map listings appropriately.

For your plumbing business to appear in the maps listings. You must first create a free Google Business Profile (GBP) ( formerly Google My Business). Unlike paid ads, placement in the map listings is ‘organic’ meaning plumbing businesses are ranked according to Google’s search algorithm. There are many ways to optimise your GBP to improve your position in the map Listings.

Organic Listings

The plumbing websites you see in the organic listings are there because Google believes they are the best quality and most relevant to the search intent of the searcher. The process of earning your place in Google’s organic listings is called Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO).

Performing the necessary SEO on your website to move up the rankings to the first page is a medium to long-term investment and can cost you many thousands of dollars and can take many months to get there.

Complimenting your plumber SEO strategy with a Google Ads Campaign for Plumbers allows you to get website leads in the short term until you have those coveted first-page organic rankings.

Does Google Ads Work For Plumbers?

Yes, Google Ads is effective for Plumbers. Google Ads is a cost-effective form of advertising that allows you to target qualified, in-market prospects. When used effectively, it may give a high return on investment, allowing you to increase your plumbing business’s clients and leads. Even if your SEO ranking is high, data suggests that including Google Ads advertising in your marketing mix increases your website visits dramatically.

Will Google Ads Work For Your Business?

Google Ads will work for you as long as you put in the effort to do it well. 

If you haven’t the knowledge, I won’t lie. It’s a steep learning curve. Take it from me. I know. In 2007 I was asking myself the same questions. I was where you are now. I was a small business owner & my website had only just gone live. I needed leads, customers, and sales fast.

My competitors were running Google Ads and I was losing business to them. So I jumped in at the deep end. I taught myself Google Ads. I created, ran, and managed my own Google Ads campaigns. Sure I made mistakes, everyone does. As I said, it’s a steep learning curve.

So which way will you go?

Do You DIY Ads Or Hire A Digital Marketing Agency?

Your specialisation as an plumber is in providing plumbing services for your customers, not your businesses internet advertising. And that’s very reasonable! You went through all of that schooling and established your business with one goal in mind: to help as many customers as possible with their plumbing issues.

It’s discouraging when your new customer numbers aren’t where you’d like them to be. You know you have to fix things, but how do you do it? Digital marketing is beyond your area of expertise, and after doing some research, you’ve discovered there are many Australian PPC Agencies. So, who are you going to go with?

You’ll need a team on your side who understands the digital marketing requirements of plumbers.

That devoted and experienced team is Mr. PPC! We specialise in internet marketing for plumbers and have worked with many plumbing businesses over the past 10 years. You can focus on your customers goals while we focus on your company’s outcomes when you leave the internet marketing to the professionals.

What Makes Mr. PPC The First Choice For Your Plumbing Services Google Ads Management?

Mr. PPC has worked with many plumbers and has the knowledge and expertise to help you accomplish your ROI goals. As an Australian Digital Marketing Agency, we not only understand the complexity of Google Advertising for Plumbers, we also understand your local customer. This combination provides you with the best chance of achieving the results you desire and deserve, such as higher online visibility for your electrical business and, as a result, more new customer leads. If you need more convincing then visit our Google Ads Management page.

Ads Keyword Research – Where to Start?

The best place to begin keyword research for your ad campaign is Google’s own keyword planner. The best news is it is free all yo need is a Google ads account.

Using keyword planner you simply enter a seed keyword or website and you are presented with a list of keywords related to your seed keyword.. From this list of keywords you choose those keywords that will match your services. Choosing keywords with high competion will attractmore expensive bids and choosing keywords with lower competition will attract cheaper bids.

Commonly Searched Keywords For Plumbers

Commonly searched keywords for plumbers include:-

  • plumber + ‘your city’
  • emergency plumber + ‘your city’

What Sets Your Business Apart – Consider Your Offer?

Lets face it, you won’t be the only local plumber advertising on Google. How can you make your business appear more attractive than the competition. During our discovery call we will ask you to think about how to make your ads stand out from the crowd. What can you offer that will make people click through to your website and ultimately become a customer.

It is generally considered that tradesmen of any type not just plumbers are not known for not turning up on time. Why not become the first on time plumber in your region. How about offering a guarantee to your customers of say $50 off your service price if you are more than 30 mins late.

That brings us to Competitor Research.

Competitor Research – What Are Your Competitors Offers – Are They Better Than Yours?

Using the same keywords we uncovered from the Keyword Research Step Above. Run some test searches on Google. Examine closely your competitor ads. What tactics do they use to get you to click their ads? What is their offer?

To get people to click your ad instead your offer will have to be better than theirs.

Now we have come up with an enticing offer it’s time to begin your first Ads campaign

Your First Google Ads Campaign

For your first ads campaign you will be using text ads and they will run on the search network.

Google Display Ads Yes / No?

Google display ads are best used for re marketing ads. Re marketing ads allow to target customers who have previously visited your website. A powerful feature of display ads is that you can show different ads to different audiences. For instance you could show an ad to people who have visited your website but didn’t take action.

One would run a re marketing campiagn in conjunction with a search ads campaign

Local Services Ads – What Are They?

At the time of writing, local service ads are not yet available in Australia. They help connect your business with local customers and like other ppc ad formats you only pay when someone contacts you directly through one of your ads.

Got A Friend Who Needs To Grow Their Business?

Word of mouth referrals have been a been a strong driver of our business growth. Perhaps you have a friend who is an electrician and could take advantage of our services. Get them to checkout our Google Ads for Electricians page.

We have also had great success and much experience running <insert new business here> campaigns